The DITAC project aims to develop a holistic and highly structured curriculum for first responders and strategic crisis managers that are tasked in dealing with disasters on a national and international scale. The curriculum will tackle dynamic challenges facing disaster incident managers in order to enhance the efficiency, efficacy, coordination, coherence and appropriateness of their response efforts.

These skills are crucial because of an alarming increase in the frequency, intensity and complexity of disa-sters while governments are simultaneously facing budgetary constraints on humanitarian aid due to overwhelming sovereign debt.

This curriculum aims to establish a standard practice among European disaster and crisis managers in order to pool resources and expertise by cultivating a network of dedicated professionals that think alike and can communicate beyond obscure bureaucratic structures.

Educational integration of crisis managers from national, regional and international authorities, NGO’s and existing training institutions from around the world leads to a more concerted effort in disaster response. The curriculum will fulfill EU criteria on crisis management but will also have a global outreach since the EU is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to developing countries. This satisfies the moral obligations the EU feels toward less fortunate nations and gives European crises managers an unbridled opportunity to gain hands-on experience in disaster stricken zones around the world. This will increase EU resilience when facing disasters closer to home.