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CRIMEDIM is a university-wide academic center that conducts research, education and training in the field of disaster medicine and humanitarian health. The center is committed to promote innovative research projects and to foster learning and training programs using state of the art technologies to enhance the resilience of health systems in emergency, disaster and humanitarian crisis.



CRIMEDIM vision is to make health systems able to effectively protect people’s health from disasters and humanitarian crises, saving lives, minimizing deaths, injuries, disabilities and human suffering with competent and professional workforce.



CRIMEDIM works to enhance the resilience of health system in emergency, disaster and humanitarian crisis through increasing knowledge, skills and attitudes of health workers based on scientific evidence and field experience at local, national and international level.



  • Promote and coordinate research projects in disaster education, disaster medicine and humanitarian health
  • Foster disaster education and training using emerging simulation technologies
  • Provide highly specialized researchers and professional in disaster and humanitarian setting
  • Cooperate with different institutions, universities, public and private agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations to enhance the resilience of health systems